Verizon Wireless Planning on Offering Windows 8 Smartphone

In May 2011, Verizon discontinued carrying any Windows 8 based smartphones. Sales of the phone were lukewarm, at best, so Verizon ceased to carry the phone after telling Microsoft they didn’t plan to carry any more Windows-based handset.

As of yesterday, however, it appears that Verizon is once again interested in carrying Windows-based cellphones based off of Windows 8 OS. Verizon plans to offer a Nokia smartphone that uses Windows 8 phone technology. Currently, there is a press release scheduled for September 5th, though Verizon does not plan to attend. Nokia will allegedly be making the announcement about the phone being carried at Verizon.

Both the HTC Trophy and the Kin both flopped in previous launches of Windows-based phones. In the case of the Kin, the offering was cancelled less than thirty days after it was released. The HTC trophy lasted slightly longer before it, too, was taken off the market.

Both Verizon and Microsoft are hoping that Nokia’s version will be more successful than the last two smartphones launched. Some analysts say that Verizon is attempting to reduce the reliance on Apple products because of the high subsidy associated with them, and the carrier may also be trying to move away from the common Android operating system as well in an effort to diversify.