IT Consulting Services

Thorough IT consultations and advice to help you make smart business decisions regarding your technology

Achieve greater benefits from your technology by
implementing a goal-oriented IT strategy

Businesses must invest in technology to achieve success, but it is crucial to ensure that the return on investment meets expectations. Unfortunately, for many businesses, expensive IT investments and projects become a financial burden due to ineffective implementation, calibration, or maintenance of their technology solutions. Additionally, managing IT projects internally and researching products from various vendors can be extremely time-consuming and costly. These burdens can be avoided by partnering with Computer Magic for our managed IT and IT consulting services.

Our certified and experienced IT consultants will provide technical expertise and strategic consulting to enhance your organization’s information technology. Our goal is to improve your business productivity with minimal disruption. As the top managed services provider in Madison, WI and surrounding areas, Computer Magic strives to fulfill your business technology needs by creating an effective IT strategy that optimally allocates your technology investments and projects to generate high returns and meet your business goals. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that you are getting advice regarding your technology that will ultimately help you maximize your IT investments and minimize future costs.


When you partner with Computer Magic for our IT consulting services, you’ll get:


We offer guidance on virtually any IT-related queries that you might have. Our services include identifying vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, providing recommendations on software and hardware options that align with your business, and assisting you in managing your digital transformation projects and relationships with vendors.

Ambiguous requirements and unforeseen risks are the primary reasons for the failure of many IT projects. Seeking advice from an established IT firm like Computer Magic can help you avoid this pitfall. Clear specifications and a user acceptance testing strategy will ensure that you achieve the desired results. Moreover, by identifying potential risks inherent in any IT project, you can prevent significant budget overruns and scheduling delays.

When selecting an IT consulting partner, two crucial factors to consider are their certifications and track record. Certifications ensure that a potential IT partner has the necessary expertise and experience to meet your technical requirements. Their track record reflects their ability to handle various situations and clients successfully. An ideal managed IT services partner should have a strong track record to support their credentials.

Computer Magic often works alongside other IT departments to provide the best possible service to their respective organizations. Our IT consulting services are used by businesses to create technology plans, determine IT strategies and outcomes, and execute complex and large-scale IT projects. Through this collaboration, small businesses can maintain operational capabilities and have critical oversight during the digital transformation process. Contact us to learn how we can augment the capabilities of your in-house IT team.