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Safeguard your company with complete IT security services and cybersecurity solutions for Madison, WI businesses

Prevent cyberthreats from affecting your business
with stout cyber defenses

Cyberthreats grow more sophisticated and damaging every day, and when your company is not fully protected against these threats, you are gambling with fate. Cyberattacks can cause work stoppages, data loss, and even financial damages that could end up bankrupting your business. Instead of waiting for the worst outcome, why not protect your business with strong cybersecurity solutions under the watchful eye of Computer Magic?

Computer Magic’s team of qualified IT engineers will assess your current technology infrastructure and then remove or implement IT solutions that are best suited for your business. As one of the best Managed IT services providers in Madison, WI and beyond, we do our best to make sure you get the most return on your IT investments by keeping your running at peak performance. Choose us as your IT partner and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your technology is going to thrive under expert supervision.

We use the latest cybersecurity solutions to monitor and deal with cyberattacks before they can cause serious damage. Not only will our team test your existing security for loopholes and exploits, but they will also fix these problems and test again to ensure your network is fully protected. Businesses in Madison, WI have benefited from our expertise in setting up and monitoring their cybersecurity, and can focus on their day-to-day business operations instead.


When you partner with Computer Magic for our IT Security Services, you’ll get:


IT Security Services include vulnerability assessments, protection tools, and ongoing monitoring and management to keep your cyber defenses up to date with emerging online threats.

Many businesses are required by law to protect the privacy of information with standards such as HIPAA in healthcare, GLBA in finance, and PCI for credit card processors, the violation of which can result in loss of trust and substantial fines. Even if none of these laws apply to your business, malware and hackers can end up damaging your IT network and costing you money.

All modern cybersecurity protocols include the use of these four pillars: antivirus, firewalls, software updates, and passwords. Effective antivirus software identifies virus-like activity to stop threats that have not yet been identified. Strong firewalls prevent malware from entering your network and they can block traffic from foreign countries, which is the source of most ransomware and phishing due to weak international laws. Software updates prepare your IT networks for future threats. Bad passwords can be easily hacked so they must be strong to begin with and then they need to be changed frequently. All these tools are much more effective when they are connected to an alerting and reporting system.

The two most important considerations for selecting a cybersecurity provider are certifications and track record. Certifications show that these providers have the knowledge and relevant experience to manage your IT network. A great track record shows that they have delivered for other clients in the past.

Cybersecurity assessment is a risk-based testing approach that thoroughly examines your security posture to determine your vulnerabilities and preparedness should an attack occur.