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Your years of law school, clerkships, and working as an attorney weren’t meant to prepare you to become an IT expert. Still, you might find yourself troubleshooting technology all too often. Our mission at Computer Magic is to provide our expertise in IT to help you focus on your expertise: winning cases.

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Get IT Support Tailored to the Legal Industry

There’s nothing more frustrating than an IT provider who doesn’t really understand your business. Hearing the old, “Have you tried turning it off and back on again?” gets tiring to say the least.

We have worked for years with businesses in the legal sector, and understand the unique challenges, compliance standards, and security concerns your organization faces. You’re not just working cases and heading to court—you’re dealing with daily tasks like documenting, managing schedules, and handling client data. 

With Computer Magic, we develop custom-tailored solutions that are built to make your day-to-day processes more efficient and secure. We don’t use cookie-cutter fixes; we prepare your IT to meet today’s demands as well as future ones.

Legal IT Security & Compliance

Your law firm is entrusted with very sensitive client information, meaning your data is at high risk of a cyber attack. According to the American Bar Association, over 1 in 4 law firms have been the victim of a data breach.

Our security and compliance solutions are designed not just to address threats, but to prevent them in the first place. We work to establish security so advanced that threat actors will see your systems as impenetrable, all while maintaining up-to-date compliance standards.

Our IT Services for Law Firms

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Benefits of Partnering with Computer Magic Legal for Your IT Needs

Reach out to one of our legal IT experts at Computer Magic today for a free consultation. We are ready to take your law firm’s IT to the next level and help your firm thrive.

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