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Without technology expertise, you might find yourself spending too much time and money trying to manage your business IT. From trying to troubleshoot small technical issues to working on long-term IT projects, your time is spent on IT instead of other, more pressing business issues and your company’s business technology still isn’t up to the mark.

Leave the technology management and IT Support of your Janesville business in the hands of the capable team at Computer Magic. From IT project management to off-site backups, we are your in-house IT department and account manager, taking care of all your technology-related tasks. With Computer Magic by your side, your IT assets will work at peak performance, boosting your business productivity and your bottom line.

With Computer Magic as your IT partner, you can:

We provide a comprehensive IT support and service plan for your company with expert technicians on call 24/7.


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IT support services are meant to help you diagnose, troubleshoot, and ultimately resolve technical issues for your Janesville business. These services are delivered by professional technicians who are trained and certified to a high level.

We will set up backup processes that regularly send a copy of your office data to an off-site server in case of an emergency. If your primary data source is compromised, we will restore your data from this backup within minutes so you don’t have to experience lengthy downtime.

Yes, our team has cloud solutions experts who have worked with clients in the past and found ways to improve their business processes by utilizing the power of the cloud.

We will assess your current cybersecurity system and find vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Our cybersecurity experts will implement cybersecurity solutions that suit your needs and monitor these systems to react appropriately when necessary.

We can help set up training for your employees for cybersecurity and social engineering cyberthreats but for further IT training, please get in touch with our team so we can find the best way to help you.

IT support providers need to be qualified and experienced to handle your business. Ask if they have supported businesses in your sector before and if they have relevant certifications that match your IT systems.