VoIP and Phone Solutions

Communicate and collaborate more effectively with the latest phone systems that improve your customer experience at a fraction of the cost

Move your communications to the cloud and enjoy feature-rich telephony

Traditional phone systems are expensive and ill suited for the needs of a modern business. Empower your employees with feature-rich VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones that harness the power of the cloud to improve your customer experience and greatly reduce your telephony costs. Cloud telephony is a huge step up from traditional phone systems, but seamlessly migrating to this system is best left to the professionals.

You can count on Computer Magic’s team of IT professionals to design and implement your new VoIP business phone systems without causing work stoppages and downtime. We have helped numerous businesses in Madison, WI and beyond move easily to VoIP systems. You won’t have to deal with huge phone bills any more, and your clients will appreciate thoughtful features such as call waiting. By moving to VoIP business phones with Computer Magic, you’ll save big on costs and improve your communication and client satisfaction in the process.


When you partner with Computer Magic for our VoIP and Phone Solutions, you’ll get:


Traditional analog phones use copper or fiber optic lines to transmit signals, whereas cloud-based telephony breaks up voice and video communication into digital packets and sends them over the internet as data.

A VoIP call generally requires a minimum network bandwidth of 100 Kbps. So if your upload speed is 100 Mbps, your staff can stay connected with over a hundred clients at once.

Yes, call recording is among one of the many efficiency-boosting capabilities that VoIP offers. VoIP also offers automatic call logging, secure storage for call archiving, instant messaging, and more.

First, you must consider how many users you have, what features/capabilities they need, your future business plans, and your budget. Then, you can select the cloud phone service or software that meets your needs, install it, and keep it optimized with regular updates.