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Since 1998, Computer Magic has been elevating Madison’s technology by providing IT help to small and mid-sized businesses. As IT Support specialists, we’ve been helping these businesses achieve better growth by turning their technology into a competitive advantage. We accomplish this by providing best-in-class IT services and solutions at affordable prices, so clients can improve efficiency, productivity, and customer service while reducing costs. Our long-term partnerships are based on open communication and trust, so we can continually meet our clients’ needs and deliver maximum ROI. We pride ourselves in being one of the top tech companies in Madison that provides technology professionals to help our community succeed.




We always answer our phones live.


We are local to Madison and don’t outsource.


We are always friendly and professional.


We are quick to respond and do our best to address support issues immediately.


We don’t nickel and dime.


We meet with you quarterly to review past progress and always plan for your future.


Our team documents everything extensively so everyone can assist you without you having to re-explain the issue to another technician.


Our team always communicates with you and never leaves you wondering what’s next.


Most project work is included in your monthly support plan, including server upgrades and migrations.


Our contracts are month to month

Our Team

Meet the team who will always be there for you

Meet Tom


Tom is a nature enthusiast who enjoys spending his free time exploring the outdoors and immersing himself in the beauty of the natural world. In addition to his love of nature, Tom is also passionate about martial arts and has recently started practicing jiujitsu.

Meet Adam

Managed Services Director

Adam started with Computer Magic in 2018. He graduated from UW-Whitewater 2009 Bachelors of Music – Choral Education. He’s Completed several online courses in windows server and sysadmin as well.

Meet Brandon

Vice President

Brandon has a Bachelors in Technology management from Herzing College. He has been with CMI since 2005. Some hobbies that Brandon loves are Board Games, Computer Gaming, Woodworking, Singing, Hiking and spending time with his wife, two daughters, and dog.

Meet Eric

Systems Engineer

Eric Redman is our Systems Engineer who is one of our newest members but don’t let that mislead you. Not only is he a local from Cottage Grove, but he has experience with computer hardware, website development, and fixing any issues that you throw his way. His devotion to our clients had led him to become your go-to guy for IT support! When he takes a moment to himself, he enjoys videogames and watching action and adventure movies with one of his favorites being “band of Brothers.”

Meet Donna

Office Administrator

I’ve been with Computer Magic since 2001. My husband and I raised five children and I helped with the family business. I love doing activities with our now-grown children and grandchildren, and walking the dogs.

Meet Tyler

Systems Engineer

Tyler Towne is our Systems Engineer who's passionate about turning our clients' day around. When they call into our office, typically, it regards an issue with an IT-related problem such as software updates, faulty hardware, or restoring accidentally erased files. For Tyler, helping others is the most rewarding part of his role. When Tyler isn't driving the escalation of customer issues, you can find him spending time with his wife and son, planting in the garden, hunting, or playing his favorite video game "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive."

Meet Kendra

Administrative Assistant

Kendra Olson is our Administrative Assistant who is excited to be a part of Computer Magic’s growth and development. She supports our administrative procedures and assists with sending out our marketing materials. She has two cats named “Mookoo” and “Squash” who are very dear to her heart, and when she’s not keeping busy with her administrative tasks, you can find her mountain biking the trails, hiking, enjoying the blaze of a campfire or playing one of her favorite video games, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”.

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