Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Restore your data and business operations quickly to survive any disaster

Business growth and customer confidence depend on reliable data backups and disaster data recovery plans

Life happens, do you have a plan for it? There are many data loss causes: Natural disasters, cyberattacks, equipment failures, and other catastrophes are increasingly common. They can cripple your business by wiping out crucial digital assets, like tax records, client information, and vendor lists. This means without swift, reliable data and operations recovery, you could join the 40% of businesses that close down after a disaster according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Get started by learning more about steps you should take for developing a disaster recovery plan for you business.

Computer Magic Data Recovery service has been protecting businesses’ data and operations for 30 years in the Madison area

Our multi-tiered Data Backup and Disaster Data Recovery services guarantee real-time, easily restorable backups of your data, servers, operating systems, software, and emails in a secure off-site data center. You’ll never lose data and, and with clear-cut data recovery processes, you’ll be back to work within minutes of any downtime event.

Our business continuity plans protect businesses of any size, with any amount of data, from any eventuality

Our backup and recovery services protect you with:


Off-site, real-time backups and 24/7 monitoring for complete security and immediate data corruption repairs


Automatically replicated backups, locally or in the cloud, with built-in archiving for on-demand restoration from any device


Routine updates/upgrades to your backup hardware and software, ensuring your backups are impenetrable


Flexible cross-platform system migration that supports any operating system on physical or virtual servers