Email / Spam Protection

Communicate with confidence knowing you’re protected by the same high-level security as the world’s largest organizations

Bad Emails are the most successful delivery method of the costliest cyberattacks

Phishing, ransomware, business email compromise, credential theft — the list goes on. It’s clear that bad emails and other cyberattack campaigns are becoming more sophisticated and damaging every single day. It's become even more difficult to distinguish a malicious email from a safe one, because attackers will tailor it to look and operate as if it had come from a trusted source. These attacks come at a hefty price tag to our economy. In 2018, the White House's Council of Economic Advisers estimated that malicious cyber activity cost the U.S. economy between $57 billion and $109 billion in 2016.

Keep your networks and client data with our comprehensive email protections

Our software filters inbound and outbound email for spam, viruses, ransomware, phishing attacks, and more. If any exist, they are automatically quarantined and eliminated, and the sender is blocked, preventing any future attacks. This means nefarious links can’t be opened by your unsuspecting employees, and that viruses and other malware that come in cleverly disguised impostor emails can’t infect your network.

We’ll remove all malicious and inappropriate emails before they reach your employees’ inboxes

Our email protections are your first line of defense,
keeping you safe with:


Advanced Controls

Set up filters to block and blacklist emails from risky sources automatically



Your company's outbound emails can't be intercepted or spied on during transmission


Diagnostic & Analysis

Intelligent tools capture data and create useful trend reports


Sent-Message Testing

Hackers’ attempts to hijack your email server for spam offensives are uncovered and prevented