We’re not your average managed IT support provider. When you add Computer Magic as a partner, we are an
extension of your team, and we always take care of our own.


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We provide managed IT services that cover your whole system so you can focus on your business.

From your workstations to your servers, we’ll help create a system that works for you. We are so excited to really get to the heart of what we love to do- work consistently with our customers to simplify their technology to work for them.

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Ongoing month-by-month Managed IT Services

We manage all network-related changes. This includes new employee hires or fires. This also includes any adjustments to user or computer accounts on the network.

We will provide ongoing support for connecting any and all of these devices when they stop talking to each other: monitors, printers, multifunction printers, external hard drives, network-attached storage, ethernet switches, routers, modems, wireless equipment, USP’s

We will facilitate any and all PC migrations as the need arises

We will review and manage all Software management and installation on the server and workstations as the need arises

We will monitor and manage all license compliance so that no hiccups happen with expired software or upgrade issues.

We’ll maintain all relationships with vendors that you use to provide your IT software and hardware needs.

Data Management, Backup & Recovery

We’ll backup all your data. With our system, backups are scheduled to run every hour. The data is stored on a local backup appliance that resides in the server room. The data is also replicated to multiple data centers in the US with infinite cloud retention. We fully manage the backup solution and validate every backup to ensure that the data is recoverable. This BDR solution also gives us the ability to virtualize the protected endpoints so you could work remotely and still access your files in case of catastrophic failure.



We help reduce the risk of vulnerable, unpatched software, systems, and applications that are leaving your network at risk for malware or cyber threats using an Automated Microsoft Security Patching

Given the need for increased remote work we offer remote user connectivity through a VPN, Virtual Private Network, that allows your employees to access their work from home.

To keep each of your users secure, we’ll set up a Multi-Factor Authentication to improve login security. By requiring two-factor or multi-factor authentication you will be able to block and prevent hackers from accessing files, installing applications, and stealing your data.

We take care of all your antivirus, firewall management etc. that impacts your day-to-day web browsing through our cyber security solutions.

We’ll provide on-going staff training on Phishing and other security-related topics to keep your employees engaged in best practices.

We’ll maintain all relationships with vendors that you use to provide your IT software and hardware needs.

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