Minimum Standards


The server is the central component to business data. As such it is important to make sure that the server is fast and reliable. Computer Magic recommends a five-year replacement plan for servers. Updating the server every five years allows for performance gains based on new hardware. It also means that the server is under warranty so if any components go bad they can be replaced quickly. An outdated server leads to more support problems which leads to a decrease in productivity.


Having up to date computers is essential for keeping your employees efficient. Computer Magic recommends a five-year replacement plan for computers.


A UTM (Unified Threat Management) Firewall is the first line of defense against outside attackers. Security concerns for your network are constantly changing. An effective cybersecurity policy requires us to be proactive and always ahead of the problem.

Computer Magic recommends a five-year replacement plan on the UTM router/firewall. This allows for software updates as well as new more capable hardware every five years.


Switches are what connect all your network devices. This includes but is not limited to Computers, Servers, Printers, and Phones. Since switches are the core of the network Computer Magic recommends managed network switches. These switches are highly configurable. They also allow for quicker identification of network problems for troubleshooting purposes.


There are many different types of Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions available. Which can be very challenging to keep up with. As such, Computer Magic recommends our preferred solution. We work hard to maintain deep knowledge and training with our preferred Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution to ensure we can mitigate downtime and deliver on our Recovery Objectives (RPO/RTO).

RPO or Recovery Point Objective limits how far to roll back in time, and defines the maximum allowable amount of lost data measured in time from a failure occurrence to the last valid backup.

RTO or Recovery Time Objective is related to downtime and represents how long it takes to restore from the incident until normal operations are available to all users..


A managed Anti-Virus solution is a critical component in the cybersecurity stack. Our preferred solution allows us to centrally manage and protect all endpoints to ensure that everyone is protected at all times.


A UPS or Uninterruptable Power Supply provides clean reliable power to servers and network equipment. Data loss can occur if a server is improperly shut down due to power loss. A UPS mitigates this by providing backup power during brown outs and black outs. The UPS can keep the server running through a power blip or it can be used to provide time to shut down a server during a power loss.