Nine Things You Should Never Post About On Facebook

May 2nd, 2014

facebook-257829_640Sometimes, it seems like the whole world is on Facebook, and it’s certainly true that if it were its own country, it would be far and away the largest, most populous nation on the planet. Because of that, we sometimes forget that Facebook is essentially a giant fishbowl. Things you post on your wall can very quickly get out to the rest of the world. One thing that’s absolutely necessary, then, is that you’ve always got to be careful about what you post, and how you post on your account.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on your personal account or your business account (and the two are probably linked anyway), the following are things you just simply never want to post:

1) Don’t post company information

This is especially true if what you’re posting hasn’t circulated inside the company yet. The moment you post it, to either account, as mentioned above, it’s out there “in the wild,” and there’s no reeling it back in. Anything from design discussions to ideas for new products, find a different channel to share that information. One that doesn’t involve throwing it out for the whole world to see.

2) Never post negative news

Leave this for your PR people. It’s why you’ve hired them, and when they post negative news, they’ll do so in a systematic way, offsetting the news with detailed information about what you’re company is actively doing about the issue.

3) Personal problems

If you’re going through a nasty relationship breakup, FaceBook isn’t the place to air that laundry. It’s not your diary, and even if you post these details on your personal account, you can rely on the fact that it’s going to impact your business page. Resist the temptation at all costs.

4) Risque pictures

I’m sure that while you were at the club dancing on the bar, it seemed like a fabulous photo op. Your business partners might not share your view. Don’t take the chance. Never post pictures that carry even a hint of impropriety.

5) Don’t rip the competition

Yes, you may think the guy who owns the company that is your chief competition is a big so-and-so, and you’re free to think that, just don’t post it on Facebook. Those kinds of comments can only lead to trouble.

6)Don’t comment on employees

The new woman you hired in accounting is always late. Bill from IT smells funny. Whatever it is, don’t post it. This is the wrong way to handle employee matters, for the same reasons you wouldn’t want to wander to an employee’s page and see unflattering remarks about you or your company.

7) Don’t complain about customers

Yes, sometimes they’re pushy, needy and unreasonable. Sometimes, you are too. Be the better person and when it happens, let it go. No need to air that sort of dirty laundry in a public forum, and if a customer starts it on your business page? Respond professionally and completely. Then drop it.

8) Internal power struggles

Every company has politics. It needs to stay inside the walls of the company. The moment it spills over into public view, everybody loses. Except your customers, who bring popcorn, pull up virtual lawn chairs and watch the battle, but that’s not exactly a win for you.

9) The catch all category

Don’t post anything you don’t want the whole world knowing, because they will.

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