How To Attract Investors To Your Start-up

December 4th, 2014

packs-163497_640Do you have an idea for a product or service that you would like to see hit the market? You are not alone. Today more and more start-ups are forming in an attempt to bring a new take on existing products in all markets or they are creating new, unique products that have never before been seen. This is most obvious with the explosion in recent years in the tech sectors. More and more tech companies are being created that are working to bring amazing technology to the market.

Before you begin to shop for investors for your next big idea. There are a few steps you should take that will help you establish your star-tup as a viable business and make it much more attractive to investors.

Shape Your Idea

Instead of only having a basic idea for the product or service you want to create, take the time needed to flesh out the idea into something more specific. Build a prototype or a small demo if it is technology related so you have something to show to potential investors. 3D printing is there to serve you.

In addition to the product or service, create a solid business plan to accompany it so investors can examine your plans, make suggestions and become a part of the process. This will attract more investors to your start-up and help you increase the likelihood of securing the capital you need.

Examine Your Competition

While you might think your idea is completely unique, I’m sorry to tell you that chances are it has already been done before. That is not necessarily a bad thing. If there is already a businesses or businesses marketing products or services similar to that which you want to bring to the table, examine them and how they are operating. Then determine how you can make your product better and stand out above the rest.

Put Together a Solid Team

Many investors are drawn to investing in start-ups that already have an established team working together who are passionate about the product or service they are creating. If possible, recruit other like minded individuals to help you bring your product to the market and allow potential investors to get to know your team as you work to secure financing for your dream.

Progress Before Investment

Investors don’t want to shell out their hard earned money for nothing more than idea. They want to see actual progress that has already been made in your start-up so they know that both you and your team are passionate about your product and are already working to bring it to the market by whatever means necessary. If much work has already been done and is continuing, this also shows the investor that their risk is lower as the product will be completed and their money simply won’t go to waste.

Start-up businesses are booming today especially in the new technology sectors. If you have a great idea for a business it is important to use the steps above to build a solid foundation for your enterprise before you begin to reach out to the investment community for the capital you need to fully realize your dreams of bringing your product or service to the market. With a little work before you begin your search, you will find it much easier to secure the money you need to see your project through to the end and provide a great value both to your potential customers and your investors.

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