Should Your Business Migrate to Office 365?

July 7th, 2015

should_your_business_migr_72221_136203If you want to use your IT staff most effectively, sooner rather than later you should be considering a move to the cloud with Office 365. Smaller businesses in particular can really profit from leveraging the research and development of this Microsoft designed solution to reduce or eliminate the amount of pressure on a small IT department to ensure servers are operating appropriately.

Making the move can also save the need for a variety of piecemeal collaborative solutions, saving money and ensuring that the methods you and your staff are using to work together, both in office and remotely, are seamless in their operation and execution. Add to this the comfort clients, customers and your co-workers feel when using the familiar Office interface and your business’s wisdom in purchasing the Office 365 platform services becomes clearer.

Permit Your IT Department To Serve You Instead Of Your Server

When you move to a cloud based system like Office 365 your in house technology department can move its focus away from maintaining servers to growing and strengthening your business. With email and collaborative systems like SharePoint and communication systems like Lync managed elsewhere, breakdowns are no longer the responsibility of your staff, and the constant headache of improving and updating the software and servers is something you now rely upon Office 365 to meet.

Since this cloud based platform has dedicated professionals working 24/7 to not only maintain but to improve the service offered you and other users you can take advantage of leading-edge technology without the research, training and down time required if your company chose to do it yourself. As the technology evolves it improves, and your company is able to avail itself of these improvements in an ongoing way.

Reduce Stress Upon Your Employees

Because you will have access to the Office 365 network at all times. your employees will be able to be more productive. Working remotely becomes seamless, particularly when a whole team of professionals is able to troubleshoot if there are issues. Your staff can concentrate on working, not worrying.

Make Better Use of a Limited Budget

As we are now several decades into the commonplace use of computing devices in many industries it is not surprising that any well-established company has faced several capital expenditures over the years to improve and replace the hardware needed to do business. The addition of cyber business practices means there are continuous changes that need to be made in servers, devices and remote working solutions.

The frequent updating of both hardware and software can be costly, but if your business has been limping along using patches and haphazard methods to bring your infrastructure up to speed, a different approach may be inevitable. Using a service like Office 365 may be exactly the answer, releasing you from the constant need to update. Instead of making an investment in hardware and apps that may be out of date before they are even installed, Office 365 will keep you on the leading edge without expense or trouble.

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