Ways You Can Appeal to Tablet and Mobile Phone Audiences

November 7th, 2015

mobile_and_tabletGone are the days where no one had a computer, and gone are the days that no one had a smart phone to browse the internet. The uprising of the mobile device that can be used to pay bills, send all kinds of messages and conduct business has begun. If you’re not appealing to these audiences, then you’re going to have an incredibly hard time doing business with new, busy or otherwise tied-to-technology clients. Check out the tips below to see if they can get you headed in the right direction.

Get an App Going

The business world is busy, and free time comes at a premium. Because applications are designed to save people time, you should have one in the works as well. Apps often are made by banks so that a client has only to tap a button to have their banking information made available. In the same way, make sure access to your services is as easy as typing in a password and username. Designing an application means that people also don’t have to visit your website and navigate through it to get to where they need to be, saving them even more time.

However, if your services wouldn’t benefit from an app in particular, a good alternative is just making sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Mobile friendly these days does not mean that your screen looks okay when it shrinks down to a rather tiny height; rather, it means that your layout should be dynamic, and include a mobile version when a mobile device is detected visiting your website. This will help ensure that people visiting get the best experience possible without the time and expense that an app can bring. With time, you may find a way to develop an app that is helpful to your audience, but save the time and expense for later if necessary.

Discover if Mobile Advertising is for You

Mobile ads are getting tons of attention because of the amount of people using tablets. Take a good look into the mobile ad market and see if you can’t get an ad or two on popular applications. In addition, if your website gains revenue off of ads in any way, then it’s important that your ads are mobile-friendly as well. Often, this means ditching large, more complicated banner ads and opting for in-line, in-text ads that are less in your face (and take less time to load).

Make Sure Tools are Interactive

There are many actions you can do on a tablet that you can’t do on a phone or on a regular computer. For one, tablets are completely touch-screen. That means everyone has to click on your links and pictures with a finger or stylus. Take advantage of this. Make it easy for people to access information with a single tap or page flip. Displaying your services and products in a way that allows people to interact—say, a picture people can rotate with a finger to see all sides of it—can make your website look much friendlier for tablet users. This will also help with engagement. If a feature is cool, people are going to want to stick around and learn more about it and, most likely, you.

A few simple tips like an app, mobile advertising and handy interactive tools can make all the difference when it comes to whether your business appeals to mobile users.

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