New 10TB Desktop Hard Drive Can Store All Of Your Data And Then Some

August 1st, 2016

NewX10TBXDesktopXHardXDriveXCanXStoreXAllXOfXYourXDataXAndXThenXSomeDo you consider yourself to be a power user, where computers are concerned? Do you have one or more members of your staff you’d put in that category? If the answer to either of those questions was yes, then Seagate’s new Barracuda Pro desktop drive is almost certain to make you smile.

This is hands down the largest, highest capacity drive Seagate has ever produced, giving you a staggering 10TB of local storage, in a standard 3.5”, 7200RPM package. The new drive is attractively priced when you consider the storage it offers.

The way we use computers has changed quite a bit over the years, and continues to evolve. These days, we are deluged with big data files, images and video, all of which take up far more space than earlier eras of computing had to contend with. Seagate’s new offering is the perfect answer to today’s large file paradigm.

The bottom line here is that your desktop PC only has so much room in the case. With files as large as they are in today’s computing environment, you’ve got to make every bit of room count, and power users want (and need) to squeeze as much storage space out of their systems. Cloud-based storage solutions are all well and good, but there are some files, and some file types that you are going to want to keep locally. For those instances, a drive as big and robust as the Barracuda Pro is the perfect solution.

Granted, this drive isn’t for everyone. That kind of storage capacity is only really needed for the true power users in your company. If you’ve got one, or several people who fall into that category, and who are having to jump through hoops, storing large files on a variety of smaller capacity drives, this is the perfect time to remedy that situation, and the Barracuda Pro drive is the perfect tool for the job.

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