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September 17th, 2019

Both long established and newly flourishing businesses are undergoing the digital transformation that is increasingly important to success in the modern work environment. Beyond the advantages of connecting to your audience through the internet, the sheer improvements in terms of productivity, efficiency, and accuracy that IT can lend your business is not something to be understated.

As your reliance on IT continues to grow, however, it would not be wise to try and manage it yourself. Let’s look at why outsourcing your needs to a managed IT provider could be the wisest choice that you could make.

Save Money on Your IT Needs

With our IT services in Madison, your costs are kept simple, predictable, and easy to manage through one low monthly rate. You can get an entire team of dedicated IT professionals helping you manage your business technology needs in a highly-cost effective manner.

You may think about hiring someone in-house, but when you consider the costs of training, not to mention the recruitment process and a salary, then working with managed IT services tends to be more affordable than hiring even on salaried employee. In many cases, hiring an IT Company like Computer Magic will cost you less than the cost of a full time hire and you will have a team of experts with the tools and experience to keep your business on track. Ask us for a quote and see exactly how little you could be paying for our services.

Get Solutions Scaled To Your Needs

As your business grows, your IT needs are likely to grow with it. As your company scales up or down, your employee’s technology needs will need to scale as well. The scope of your IT can grow as well, making use of new types of networks and software to keep everyone connected.

Rather than having to scramble to hire new members to expand your IT team, you can manage your IT scaling efforts much more easily with the help of a managed IT team. Our services are designed to meet your needs, first and foremost.

Whatever size your business, whatever your goals are, we are here to provide both the tech support and the IT strategy that meet your specific needs and help you achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Implement New Technologies with Ease

There are a host of improvements that your business could make through implementing new technologies. Cloud software and storage can help you protect your data and make it easier to work from anywhere at any time. A new network could improve the efficiency of communication and resource sharing throughout the entire business. These are just two examples of a constantly expanding field of opportunity.

Finding the right option amongst those opportunities can be undoubtedly difficult. Our IT services in Madison can bring the expertise and market experience that you need to align the latest in office hardware and software technologies and processes with your specific business goals. Whatever your objectives and your standards of excellence are, there’s no need to worry about making the wrong choice and investing in a system that doesn’t work as you hoped it would. We can help you strategize and implement the solutions that are out there.

Secure Your IT

Cyber Security has become one of the biggest concerns of business owners and company executives in recent years. We’ve all seen the rise in ransomware, phishing scams, and DDoS attacks. We’ve all read about the many high-profile data leaks that continuously come out, often exposing customer information and damaging a brand’s reputation, sometimes beyond repair. With the help of managed IT services, you can ensure that your business doesn’t share that downfall.

Implementing the right hardware and software solutions, such as professional standard firewalls, antivirus protection, and network encryption is an important step but it’s only the first one. We also ensure that we’re kept up to date on any threats and sharing with you best practices to teach your team in order to ensure the integrity of your system. Prevent costly and often business-ending IT risks with our help.

Reduce Downtime and Lost Productivity

An IT threat doesn’t have to be quite as dramatic as a data leak to have a measurable impact on your business, however. Just as easily, it can be the minor annoyances that happen every now and then to cause downtime. Connectivity issues, improper network configurations, lag, and other common IT problems can chip away at the productivity and efficiency of your team.

Too much downtime can mean that you’re starting to lose real money. Our team is always on hand with the as-you-need-it IT support that can help you get up and running and prevent these issues from occurring in future.

Know That You’re Getting Reliable, Tested Professionals

Making sure that you’re working with an IT professional that knows their stuff is most important of all. When you hire a salaried worker, in most cases you’re likely to get someone who can handle your needs, but you’ll just have to wait to see if that proves true or not.

With IT services in Madison, you’re partnering with a team that is tried, tested, and reviewed, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the quality and standard of IT care and strategy that you deserve.

Stop Worrying About Your IT

Perhaps the single best benefit of working with a managed IT team is that you no longer need to spend as much of your time worrying about it. You can rely on us to handle the day-to-day hiccups and to ensure your security.

When IT comes into your big picture plans and goals, we’re here to ensure that you always have access to the insight and experience that you need.

Do You Need IT Services in Madison?

Don’t risk going it alone. Get a professional team of IT experts to strategize and implement an IT plan that will help you scale, secure your network, and improve efficiency and productivity. Contact Computer Magic today for more information on our or IT services in Madison can help your organization.

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