Biometric Technology Has It’s Flaws

October 28th, 2019
Biometric Technology Has It’s Flaws

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S10? If so, one of the reasons you bought it may be because of its cutting-edge biometric technology. It utilizes ultrasounds to create a detailed 3D map of your fingerprint and provides a higher level of security.

Earlier in the year, the company warned its customers against using tempered glass screen protectors with their phones.

The tempered glass screen products tended to create a small air gap when used on the phone that interfered with the creation of a good fingerprint map.

Now, it seems, a new problem has emerged. A couple in the UK accidentally discovered that placing an inexpensive silicone case on the phone interfered with the fingerprint scanner's operation and allowed any fingerprint to unlock the phone. The couple did some experimentation on this front and worked with Samsung customer support to reach their conclusion. Sure enough, when the silicone case was on the phone, the owner's husband and sister could unlock it with their fingerprints, even though neither of their fingerprints was registered.

For their part, Samsung has reported that they are opening an investigation into the matter. They warn consumers to only use Samsung approved accessories with their Galaxy S10 and S10+ phones. That's good advice, but here's the danger: If a hacker physically steals your phone, they may be able to unlock it and conduct financial transactions from it by doing nothing more than buying a cheap silicone case and slipping it on.

The tempered glass screen protectors are a potentially dangerous issue. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10+ with biometric technology, don't let your phone out of your sight.

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