Working From Home? Remote work tools to make your life easier.

March 17th, 2020
Working From Home? Remote work tools to make your life easier.

Do you have the option of working from home? If remote work is available to you, you're a part of the 29%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, allowing their employees to work from home, learn ways you can help.

Tools For Remote Work

  1. Organization is key to success
    • ASANA: you have a vast array of options with ASANA. You can create and delegate tasks, place tasks into shared projects, chat with coworkers, calendar features, dashboards for projects, a to-do list, and you may add attachments via Dropbox and Google Drive.
    • CONFLUENCE: this could be your team management tool for documents, notes, and business plans.
      GLIP: allows you to practice task management, shared calendars, file sharing, and real-time group chat.
    • TASKWORLD: for managing projects and keeping track of tasks/subtasks. It has the feature of measuring job performance to allow you to keep track of how your team is performing.
  2.  Face-to-Face Communication tools
    • GoToMeeting; It's easy to share your screen, and call quality is crisp.
    • UberConference: allows for screen sharing along with having a mobile app available.
  3. Collaboration tools to keep communication consistent
    • Slack: Great tool! Computer Magic uses this tool, and I have no complaints. It has real-time communication for individual or group chats, organize chats by subject, and integrate activity.
    • HipChat: allows you to chat with your team.
    • Flowdock: similar to slack but with the addition of integrating other apps.
      Organize your documents
    • GoogleDrive: stores and organizes all of your documents and files with the option of having select group members join in the fun.
    • DropBox: Do you have a large file that you need to upload? Then, this one is perfect for you!
  4. Team Management
    • Time Doctor: to keep an eye on your team to make sure they are spending their remote time wisely.
    • GitHub Wiki: have a new employee? Use this onboarding tool to get them up to speed on protocols, job responsibilities, and resources.
    • Harvest: for timekeeping purposes and expenses.
    • iDoneThis: have gaps in your memory? Use this tool to get a snapshot of everything your team accomplished the previous day.

These tools may provide you with the appropriate measures to keep track of your team, to stay in communication with them, and to help everyone stay organized. I would highly suggest managers use these tools because they will make your life that much more relaxed in helping your remote teams function.

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